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Welcome to Gombe National Park

The smallest of Tanzania’s 11 National Parks it is perfect for ‘foot safaris.’ Brought to the world’s attention through primate specialist Dr. Jane Goodall in 1960 which is believed to be the longest-running study of primates in the world.

Bordering Lake Tanganyika (Africa’s largest lake) the lake feeds the park’s massive evergreen forest. Further North the terrain gives way to drier grasslands.

Teeming with wildlife the park offers another perfect opportunity to indulge in walking safaris and experience ‘Africa of the past!’

Park Attractions:

Gombe wilderness is worth a year-round visit; enabling you to cruise along part of the historical inquisitiveness way back in the 19th century when Livingstone and Stanley searched the source of the River Nile. The rainy season is the best chimpanzee sporting while the green vegetation blooms providing an astonishing scenic view and waterfalls are at the best (November to Mid- May) while the dry season provides a chance for the best photo taking, short and long hikes (May to October).

Getting there:

Drive, schedule, or charter a flight from Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, or Arusha or take a slow or fast train from Dar es Salaam or ferry along the shore of Lake Tanganyika from Burundi or Zambia to Kigoma. To reach Gombe you must travel by boat from Kigoma. Depending on your budget, there’s an option of a speed boat, which takes much less time- or a passenger’s boat, which takes longer about 4 hrs.Boat ride is an amazing trip.


Gombe National Park is a place to capture lots of memorable experiences, ranging from getting a view of the clear waters of Lake Tanganyika to exploring dense tropical rainforest. You can take a trails for deep forest hike with great chances of bird watching, butterfly gazing and sightseeing at Jane’s peak, mountain hiking to the waterfalls and large populations of the shy, social African great apes make Gombe National Park a popular destination for exciting moments of chimp trekking. Furthermore the Lake offers an expansive area for sport fishing, snorkeling,kayaking and swimming.

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