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Welcome to Katavi National Park

Katavi National Park is found in the western part of Tanzania, it was formerly a game reserve; the park was established in 1974. It was originally 1,823 km2 In 1997 it was extended to 4,471 km2. The park is located 40km south of Mpanda town, Tanzania’s third largest national park, after Ruaha and Serengeti.

Occupying the floor of the Rukwa Valley, a major fault of the western rift, it is a web of fragile rivers that wind through tamarind, fig, and albida forest and vast, seasonal flood plains.

Hippos and huge tusked elephants are ‘en mass,’ and it is a potent experience for the inspired and true adventure traveler.

Getting there:

By Air: Several companies like Zantas Air, and Safari air link (SAL) arrange charter flight from Dar es Salam, Mwanza, or Arusha cities to either Mpanda Airport which is located in Mpanda town, or to Sitalike and Ikuu airstrips inside the park. Usually every Monday and Thursday. Coastal Aviation Charted flight within the park Ikuu airstrips.

By Road: From either Dar es Salaam via Mbeya (1513Km), Dar es Salaam via Tabora (1392km), Arusha via Tabora (1015.7km) or Mwanza via Tabora-Inyonga (741 km).

By Rail: It is also possible to reach Mpanda by train from Dar es Salaam via Tabora and then catch public transport to Sitalike, where game drives can be arranged.


Park’s climate is classified as tropical. The average temperature is 24.6 °C. In a year, the average rainfall is 1139 mm.Precipitation is the lowest in June, with an average of 0 mm. Precipitation is the lowest in June, with an average of 0 mm. With an average of 231 mm, the most precipitation falls in December. At an average temperature of 26.2 °C, October is the hottest month of the year. July has the lowest average temperature of the year. It is 22.7 °C.

Katavi offers an outstanding diversity of birdlife, it has more than 450 species of birds, ranging from turkey sized group hornbill to the tiny sun birds.


The park is endowed with various tourism activities that visitors can do during their visit. The activities include; Nature Walking Safaris (Short Walking Safaris (SWS)), Long Walking Safaris (LWS), Picnicking, Filming, Camping, Birding Bush meals, Night Game Drive, Hiking, and Game Viewing.

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