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Climbing Mt. Meru

The second-highest mountain in Tanzania (4.566m) is located in the Arusha National Park and offers a wonderful trip to the top. The route leads from grassland and lush forest to picturesque open spaces along the exciting crater rim.

Don’t underestimate Mount Meru: its steep slope, steep abysses on the last climb and altitude make the climb quite challenging. Because Mount Meru is part of Arusha National Park, you are joined by a park ranger.

Meru is a stunning mountain to climb. The flora and fauna on Mount Meru are highly varied and the route to Miriakamba Hut is a true walking safari. There is a great chance you see buffalo, wild boar, monkeys (including the rare, beautiful Colobus monkey), giraffes, elephants, and many bird species.

While climbing to the summit of Mount Meru, you enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding plains and Kilimanjaro in the distance.

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