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Wildlife at a Glance

As accessible as it is, Mikumi is the most appealing Park for a safari. This Park will give a true taste of an African safari while preserving your precious time.

The Park has a variety of wildlife that can be easily seen. Its closeness to Dar makes it an ideal place for weekend visitors who don’t have to spend a long time on an extended safari itinerary.

The park derives its name from a palm tree called Borassus palm which once grew there and covers an area of 3,230km2

Park attractions:

The Park harbors fascinating attractions most notably the Hippo pools that provide close access to the mud-loving beasts and bird watching. Zebra, wildebeest, impala, and buffalo are found on the grassy plains.

Getting there:

The Park can be accessed by road or air

Road. The park is 283km from Dar es Salaam and 118 from Morogoro town.

Air. Scheduled flights from all the main centers in Tanzania but often routed via Dar-es-salaam.


The Park experiences a bi-modal rainfall season with short rains starting from October to early November and long rains from March to May and the dry season is from late June to September.

It is located at an altitude between 200 m and 800 meters with annual average rainfall.


There are different activities that you can do while in Mikumi National Park and that includes; Day and night game viewing, long and short walking Safaris, camping, Filming, photographing, Bird watching, bush meals, and picnicking.

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