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Aromatic island in the Indian Ocean

Zanzibar Island has stunning tropical beaches and rich history. A place in the Indian Ocean where Arabia and Africa meet. Zanzibar Island is characterized by quiet fishing villages and snow-white, heavenly beaches, and the bustling Stone Town.

Considering its stunning beaches, Zanzibar Island can be combined perfectly with a safari in Tanzania. There are great places to enjoy the beach, swimming, snorkeling, and diving.
The Zanzibar archipelago is known as one of the top 10 most beautiful diving locations in the world.

Zanzibar Island is officially called Unguja. Zanzibar itself is an archipelago consisting of two main islands. Unguja and Pemba and many small islands. The capital of Unguja is Stone Town. A historic and bustling town with a lot of historical significance. An atmospheric town to spend one or more days before you head to the beach. The island is 100 km long and 32 km wide. Every place is easy to reach, Stone Town is therefore also great for a day trip.

Zanzibar offers many beautiful diving sites of all levels. There are a number of famous sites like Mnemba Atoll. This is also called the tropical fish capital of East Africa. Mnemba Atoll has a constant visibility of about 30 meters and you often see dolphins here. But also manta rays and whale sharks (around Mnemba between December and April) and humpback and sperm whales between July and September on their migration route

There are also many dive sites on the northern tip of Zanzibar Island, generally for the more experienced divers. You dive on the open sea and there is more current here. Here live the big sport fish, tuna, barracuda, and a variety of moray eels. The less well-known south of Zanzibar Island also has beautiful diving sites.


Zanzibar Island has a tropical climate and is a beautiful destination all year round.

April and May:

In April and May, there is more chance of rain. That means mainly a tropical shower in the morning and sometimes at night. The temperatures are


June to October:

This is the “cool” period on Zanzibar Island. The temperature is pleasant.

The temperature varies from 25 to 35 degrees.

November to December:

Precipitation varies and the temperature slightly rises.

December to February:

This is the hottest period of the year.

Zanzibar Island is characterized by quiet fishing villages and snow-white, heavenly beaches. Ideal for a beach vacation. The north coast has many properties; from small guesthouses to larger resorts, a lively part of Zanzibar Island. The northeast coast is quiet and offers many opportunities for snorkeling and diving. The southeast coast has snow-white and wide sandy beaches but is the perfect place for the active holidaymaker. The south of Zanzibar Island has a number of beautiful accommodations and quiet beaches, beautiful islands, and beautiful diving and snorkeling locations

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