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  • Mikumi National Park
  • Southern Circuit Synopsis-important notes to help you make a choiceOther possible arrangements on the southern track (on request): Air charter transportation is available at most parks. You can choose this mode of transport on all sections between parks or only on some sections. Air Charters increase the cost of safari, but significantly reduce the transit time, which should be taken into account when making a choice. Udzungwa mountains and Mikumi Park by train from Dar es Salaam and by car back to Dar es Salaam. Selous Game Reserve by train. "Selous Game Reserve & Kilwa by air". Ruaha National Park and Katavi National Park by road and by plane. Gombe Stream National Park & Mahale National Park We operate a tailor-made semi-luxury and affordable camping Safari in southern Tanzania. Luxury safaris on the campsite are available on special request, in accordance with Seasons (this remote region makes it difficult to transport heavy camping equipment). It should be noted that the specialty is permanent luxury tent camps in the southern region.
  • Semi-luxury and affordable camping safaris can be organized in the following areas:Selous Game Reserve Mikumi National Park Udzungwa Mountains National Park Ruaha National Park Saadani Game Reserve Mkomazi Game Reserve Amani Game Reserve In the southern region, we use existing public campsites in national parks, game reserves and privately owned campsites outside National Parks and game reserves. Genesis Lodge camping in Mikumi Camping Mountain View Lodge in Udzungwa Baobab camping along the Ruaha River half way from Mikumi and Iringa Farm campsite Kisolanza, near town of Iringa. Public campsites-communal campsites, often near towns or villages. Use of public toilets and showers. Special campsites-more exclusive places with adjustable number of visitors at any given time. Toilets and showers are usually provided under the canvas. (Chances are you'll have a campsite for yourself / your group, as the southern area is still remote and less busy than the Northern Region.) No Guarantees though!
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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend comfortable light clothing for the day and something warmer for the evenings, which can be chilly in the northern highlands. Comfortable walking shoes are a must for those planning on walking in the parks (must be booked in advance). You will further need a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
You can find a more detailed list of items to take in our article "What to take on Tanzania safari?"

In short - Tanzania is absolutely safe for tourists. Tourism provides a large part of the country’s foreign income and the local authorities take matters of security very seriously. Moreover, Tanzania is one of the most politically stable countries in the region and Tanzanians are very friendly as a people.

This said, some criminality does exist, just as it does everywhere else. We, therefore, recommend that you exercise common sense and follow the rules below:

Avoid the dangerous parts of any town- these are mentioned in most books and your guide will be happy to point them out.
Do not leave your belongings unattended.
When planning to take photos in towns, it is best to bring along a guide. This is not so much in the interests of safety, but, rather to facilitate communication with the locals, who are – for cultural reasons – not always happy about being photographed and often do not speak English.
After dark it is best to avoid walking. Instead, use taxis for all your travel within town. These are best organized by your tour operator or hotel reception.

We highly recommend that you have your travel insurance regardless of what foreign country you may be visiting. If you are planning a Kilimanjaro climb, make sure that climbing emergencies are covered in your policy at height no less than 6,000 meters. If necessary your Tour Manager will assist with purchasing such insurance.

Tour Plan


DAY 1: After being picked up from your hotel in Dar es Salaam drive to Morogoro.

Lunch at Kola Hill Hotel. In the afternoon walk around spectacular Uluguru Mountains slopes. Dinner and overnight at Kola Hill Hotel or Campsite.


DAY 2: after breakfast drive to the foot of the Uluguru Mountains

with packed lunches and start trekking, escorted by a guide. Also enjoy Swimming in the colonial pool and observing species of birds. Dinner and overnight Kola Hill Hotel or the Campsite-guest reviews-HROs


DAY 3: after breakfast drive to Udzungwa Park.

Collect packed lunches at Mountain View Lodge and start trekking to the Sanje Waterfalls. Dinner and overnight at Udzungwa Mountains View Lodge or the Campsite.


DAY 4: After breakfast depart for a full day game viewing in the Mikumi Park

with packed lunch boxes . Dinner and overnight at Kikoboga Camp, Genesis Lodge or Genesis Campsite.


DAY 5: after breakfast enjoy another game drive in the Mikumi Park

In the afternoon drive back to Dar es Salaam.

Location Map

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